Qualitative or Quantitative: That is the question?

During my doctoral program research methodology courses were required.  Like many doctoral students the definition of qualitative and quantitative methodology could be mind boggling.  Understanding how each would affect one’s dissertation research can be a daunting decision; yet not impossible.

So where does one begin?  Let’s provide definitions that I had to devise to help clarify each methodology:

Qualitative: This methodology explores and/or exposes the quantity of the quality.”  The researcher uses interviews and observations to “quantify” the ideas, thoughts, and/or themes within transcription of text or memos and/or notes from observations.

Quantitative: This methodology proves and/or disproves the “quality of the quantity.”  The researcher uses survey instruments and/or assessments to “qualify” the trends, beliefs, attitudes, relationships and/or effects of numerical data from the results.

Each methodology has research designs that will be approved for your dissertation study.  Depending on your university, certain research designs will be feasible for your dissertation research.

Tune in tomorrow to learn more about research designs!

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