Selecting the Research Methodology for the Problem Statement.

diceYesterday we used the writing of three titles to ascertain the “problem” that needs to be researched.  To recap, let’s compare and contrast two of the potential topic examples were:

1) Increasing Social Capital of Lower Income Non-profit Fundraisers.

2) How Social Capital Increases the Fundraising Capacity for Non-profits that serve Lower Income Populations.

We recognized that social capital was the topic, but fundraising was the problem.  Now we have to develop a statement about the problem that would help identify which research methodology and design would be most feasible for the dissertation study.

First things first.  Let’s examine then choose a topic.

Topic #1 is extremely broad.  There’s not much of a focus on why and/or how increasing social capital impacts lower income non-profit fundraisers.

Topic #2 is more descriptive and focuses on the process (the how) of building social capital impacts fundraising particularly when the fundraising is conducted by personnel serving lower income populations.

So, for illustration purposes, let’s select Topic #2.

If you are researching the process and/or the “how” of a topic, a qualitative methodology would be apropos because one would be exploring the “quantity of the quality.”  In other words, if you elected to conduct in-depth, semi-structured interviews with non-profit fundraisers who serve lower income populations, the “number” of their text phrases could signify an emerging theme.

What’s the best research design?  We’ll see tomorrow!

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